We develop user-friendly solutions

Our team of software developers and designers specializes in building software products meant to provide our users with extra features as well as the most convenient UX and UI solutions.

We strive to popularize crypto-related products and make them accessible to a wider audience so that anyone can get in touch with the crypto industry without investment.
We strive to popularize crypto-related products and make them accessible to a wider audience so that anyone can get in touch with the crypto industry without investment.

What we do

Using years of experience, we create solutions for various platforms such as desktop, mobile, browser extensions, etc. We use only the latest technologies, closely check feedback and always think about our users in order to provide them with the best products.

CryptoTab Browser

The world's first browser with a unique built-in mining algorithm that makes it easy to earn BTC. More than 30 million users all over the world are already using it.

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CryptoTab Mobile Pro

Pro-level for your mobile device. Super-fast Internet surfing with advanced browser features, no ads, and even more opportunities to generate stable income.

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CryptoTab Mobile Lite

A special free version of the CryptoTab Browser for Android devices. All the best CryptoTab Browser features for the fast Internet and productive mining.


CryptoTab Farm

The easiest way to build your own mining farm. Connect all available computers, manage them using a simple mobile app — make any PC generate a steady income in BTC.

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One simple app with all the features you need to access the Internet from anywhere in the world. Enjoy the secure connection and keep your data private.

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A browser extension that helps you turn long links into short and easy-to-use ones. Use simple links to optimize your marketing strategy and increase your income potential.

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CryptoTab START

A browser extension that adds a to-do list, notes, weather forecast, colorful HD wallpapers and more to the home page. Use it to make Web surfing even more convenient.

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CT Tabs

A convenient tool that helps you organize your tabs and saves up to 95% of memory usage. Transform open tabs into a list, create groups, rearrange, and restore them back to separate tabs in just a few clicks.

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CT Access

A browser extension that has all the necessary features to provide you with a secure connection from anywhere in the world. Surf the Web freely and safely, wherever you are.

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CT Tags

An easy way to add, manage, and search photos on your mobile devices by tags. Export and sync your tags in image files across your devices, even on a PC.

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A unique service where everyone can earn with memes. Create or share funny images, get responses from people all over the world, and earn bitcoins at the same time.

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CryptoTab Collectibles

Manifest your individuality with one-of-a-kind NFT! Each of 10,000 NFT is a unique AI-generated piece of art of high value that grants special features in the CryptoTab services. Collect, use, gift, or sell it — as you wish!

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CryptoTab Live Eggs

Unparalleled collection of Live Eggs that you can hatch to retrieve tokens from different CryptoTab-Official collections. The world’s first NFT collection that is changing right on OpenSea: perform unique interactions to hatch the Egg, watch it change, and share the progress — now everyone on OpenSea can see it!

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Upcoming Products

We are constantly working on creating new products and integrating them into our ecosystem. One of our priority areas for new work now is NFT, and we want to encourage our audience to share with us the excitement of this emerging trend.

We are committed to our users’ convenience and look forward to finding the best solutions they need.
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